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DN Claim: “I was just told by a female alien/hybrid involved with the Temple of Set that what they really do in their rituals is to cocoon real live people and children. They said not many people/aliens were aware of this and that the situation was out of control and some members of the TOS were being “killed” in this manner.” (May 6th 2009 blog post at 10:09pm).

Reality: Napolis’ cocoon imagery may come from several sources, notably Ridley Scott’s film Alien (1979), James Cameron’s sequel Aliens (1986), or Ron Howard’s film Cocoon (1985). Also see psychologist Carl Jung on the cocoon as an archetypal symbol of transformation, and Eric Carle‘s popular children’s novel The Very Hungry Caterpillar (1969).

Napolis’ descriptions of Temple of Set rituals, their methodology and purpose are inaccurate: based on rumours, stereotypes and secondary sources rather than Geertzianthick description‘, phenomenological experience or action research. For primary sources, see Dr. Michael A. Aquino’s Black Magic in Theory and Practice (2002), ritual working records in the samizdat online version of The Ruby Tablet of Set (2002) ‘leaked’ in a BitTorrent file, and Aquino’s in-progress memoir The Temple of Set (2009). The primary sources show Napolis’ portrayal of Setian psycho-cosmology to be inaccurate, biased and phantasmagorial.

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