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DN Claim: Napolis claims on her blog site biography to have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

Reality: Unlike her past defendants who have publicly verifiable academic qualifications, research grants and publication track records (such as Professor Elizabeth Loftus or Dr. Michael A. Aquino), Napolis has not yet revealed the academic institution, degree program or year of her qualifications. This is usually a norm for a researcher or practitioner who desires to establish their academic and public reputation in a field of knowledge. The most likely candidates for Napolis’ degree are at San Diego State University‘s Department of Religious Studies and the MA in Transpersonal Psychology program at San Diego University for Integrative Studies (the latter is more probable, as Napolis claims in a 6th May 2009 blog post to have a ‘Buddhist teacher’, and the SDUIS program has a stong Tibetan Buddhist orientation). Verifying this academic qualification is important for several reasons. First, it provides a ‘wayfinder’ for her domain knowledge in religious studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. Second, a perspective on Napolis’ stance, cognitive biases and frames of reference, which includes stereotyping of her past defendants. Third, an independent benchmark of her academic socialization and research skills (or clear lack of). Importantly, Napolis has published her ‘data’ and ‘findings’ on Internet blogs rather than in recognized academic journals with editorial, communal verification and peer review processes.

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