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DN Claim: “I was seriously told that it was possible to pick up peoples “astral  soul”  and place them into computer programs before or after death. For the past 6 months I have been communicating with forms in the computer I see into who say they used to be human beings. I believe it was Carol Hopkins who introduced a Buddhist friend of mine who recently died into the computer system 5 days ago when I told her I was going to sue her. At the present time, they are torturing him. I’m requesting immediate assistance for him. Carol Hopkins knows exactly what she is doing. Last night when I told her I would not sue her in exchange for leaving him alone, she removed all of the objects of torture, proving that she is the one in control of this computer system. She then continued to torture him.” (May 18th 2009 blog post at 3:09am, text added in modified entry).

Reality: Napolis’ claim to bargain with Hopkins is really a sleight-of-hand legal threat. There is no evidence that the computer technology cited above exists; that Carol Hopkins has “tortured” Napolis, her “Buddhist friend” or anyone else; or that “astral souls” have an objective phenomenological reality, apart from metaphysical and religious belief systems, American Book of the Dead excepted. Who “seriously told” Napolis this? Why doesn’t she skeptically question these beliefs, instead of accepting at face value what she is “seriously told”? Has Napolis been listening to too much Fear Factory again?

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