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DN Claim: “In 2001 I was told that quantum-like computers were specifically designed and smuggled into the country which had the capability of accessing the internal dimensions of the body in order to spiritually kill and torture me. Apparently principles of plasma and 5th dimensional physics were misused. Afterwards these computers were sold to major institutions such as Carnegie  Mellon and John Hopkins University. This may be an example of one such computer. I am suggesting that the perpetrators who misused these computers, and others abusing me at this time, be used as subjects for any new experimentation that is to take place.” (May 11th 2009 blog post at 11:25pm, text added in modified entry).

Reality: There are no independently verifiable sources for Napolis’ claims, her depiction of  quantum computers and plasma/fifth dimensional physics, nor any involvement by Carnegie Mellon or John Hopkins University. The Apple Macintosh SE/30 is mentioned here in an homage to Don Norman‘s influence on product design and user experience. The Mac SE/30 is not a quantum computer (despite the Hypercard software as an early hypermedia system) nor is it powered by plasma/fifth dimensional physics. This suggests either Napolis is joking, careless with references, or is unfamiliar with the technological capabilities of mid-1980s desktop computers. If the latter is true, then her dystopian beliefs in computer problems, quantum computers, plasma/fifth dimensional physics, and inner eye-lid nanotechnology may also not be credible.


DN Claim: “In 2001 I  was  victimized by what is referred to as “nonlethal” technology. I belive I am now on technology called computer/brain interface. When I close my eyes I see inside what I believe to be a Quantum- physics based computer screen due to nanotechnology which has been placed in my inner eyelid.  According to an article at, DARPA is researching placing “brains” on computer chips. I can testify that this technology has been implemented as of 2001 and it was used on me. One of the first computers I used to see into was reportedy operated by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The second one was owned by Michael Aquino. I was told by Aquino that various satanic cults were going to abuse me as a gesture for the millenium. I believe that the computers accessing me are similar to Quantum computer.” (May 11th 2009 blog post at 11:25pm, misquoted in-text as May 8th 2009).

Reality: Napolis’ description of visual imagery in her “inner eyelid” is closer to self-generated eidetic imagery rather than nanotechnology or quantum computers. The eidetic imagery explanation also fits Napolis’ interest in lucid dreaming methodologies, drawn from New Age interpretations of Tibetan Buddhist praxis. There is no independent evidence that a computer/brain interface exists beyond its depiction in science fiction films; that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory or Michael Aquino own this purported technology (LLNL’s computation and supercomputing facilities are used for simulations of disease epidemics and nuclear explosions); nor that Napolis is being targeted in any way. The article clearly states that DARPA‘s research program is at the stages of blue sky/conceptual research and basic R&D, with a 10-20 year timeframe speculated as a longrange possibility, rather than “implemented as of 2001 and it was used on me.” Napolis’ claim that, “I was told by Aquino that various satanic cults were going to abuse me as a gesture for the millennium,” illustrate her Satanic Ritual Abuse worldview, and differs remarkably from Aquino’s Church of Satan history (2009). A comparison of Napolis and Aquino’s worldviews reveals that they are conceptually, philosophically and ethically incommensurable.